Make A Dogs Day

National Make A Dogs Day

The Benefits of Having a Dog

Make a dog’s day by rescuing one from a shelter and giving it a loving home. As well as  their loyalty and friendship to members of the family, consider these scientifically-backed benefits that come with having a dog:

1. Companionship:
Dogs provide a sense of companionship that wards off feelings of isolation and loneliness.

2. Live Longer?
Research suggests that dog owners often enjoy better heart health, experiencing lower blood pressure and reduced stress levels, which may contribute to a longer life.3. Crisis SupportIndividuals grappling with trauma or PTSD might find that their  negative stress response to crisis is lower due to their relationship with their dog.

4. Healthy ExerciseOwning a dog naturally encourages regular physical activity, that nudge to get up and out of the house and get moving.