About This Blog

Trish Findlay
Introduction and Goals

Many of you don’t know me, so I’d like to briefly introduce myself and explain my goals for this blog.

My name is Trish Findlay and I live in Qld, Australia. I have two daughters and four grandchildren, many living on the other side of Australia and the rest of my family either in New Zealand or scattered all over the globe. I keep in contact via email, Skype, Line, Messenger & Zoom as well as the phone.

For me, computers have always been fun, interesting and very useful so I started teaching others to help them to enjoy their computers more and to get more use from them. Gradually over the years this help became more constant and more structured, in some cases developing into proper lessons. Every now & again I would send out an email covering a topic several of my people were working through at the same time.

So, the aims of the blog can be summarised as follows:

  • to help people learn to use their computers proficiently
  • to have links to resources for seniors in areas such as health and everyday living
  • to create a network for people to socialise online via email, live chat & blog posts
  • to use the internet to search, for research and to have fun
  • to help those who wish to continue further & utilise established techniques to make money from their PCs and from the internet.

It is my hope that by coming here often to check out what is on offer we can become a community that shares and grows together.

(For more details on my history and reasons for starting this blog, see the first post)

I can be contacted by email on [email protected]