When It Seems Like Financial Disaster has Struck

Last week my car died again. Having just spent over $1,500 in repairs to the cooling system, I was hoping to have trouble free running for a while, but then the auto gearbox stopped changing up & down properly (though reverse was fine, if I could have just turned my head around 180 degrees, maybe….!)

Anyway, the diagnosis was that the gearbox needed replacing, at an even greater cost than the previous repair, so it was time to cut my losses and get a new car & that’s what I’m doing now.

It has brought home to me, though just how badly such unexpected expenses can upset family budgets and how grateful I am to have a growing extra income from my internet marketing business. I would really like to help other people, whether young families, older folk like myself or anyone else who has a tight budget, to learn how to make extra income from an online home business. It would make a huge difference to their lives, knowing they’d never have to face such mini financial crises ever again.

2 thoughts on “When It Seems Like Financial Disaster has Struck”

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing disaster, Wess54. I’m putting together some ideas that people might like to try to earn extra income from an internet business. Not ready yet, but if you stay tuned, I hope I can help you.


  2. Would be interested in learning more about how to ‘save’ for when diaster strikes; because lately it appears to be a daily occurance!

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