What Are the “Must” Questions to Ask Before Joining a Business?

Work from home based business opportunities are being researched by many people due to the nature of the economy. Many would be entrepreneurs are looking to find the right business on the internet as there are literally hundreds to choose from.

However, to avoid failure, especially if an opportunity seeker is looking to make money from a network marketing opportunity, it is important to ask what kind of training/system is in place so reps can become successful sooner rather than later. If distributors are not able to earn money within a couple of months from the income opportunity, they will become frustrated and quit.

Therefore, before one signs up on a company’s agreement dotted line, here are some crucial questions to ask:

    1. Is there a complete resource available that includes skills training, mlm books, videos, and audios that explains the system? While part of sponsoring is providing assistance to team members, baby-sitting will never do. The system should be designed to teach the system.
    2. Is the system open? Can one go to not only their upline, but also someone crossline or sideline for help, assistance, etc., without worries about bruising egos? Is there on-going support anytime you need it?
    3. Is the home business system providing personal development? After all, relationship building is important not only for a home business, but also many other areas in life.
    4. Does the online system provide training for a full skill set? This should include the following: *client interface *advertising/internet know how *behavioral knowledge *mentoring methods *industry history *have free skills training *have an affordable, easy to navigate back office that includes a complete lead management system, email and ad copy templates, capture pages combined with an autoresponder, integrated ad tracking and performance comparisons, a help section, etc.
    5. Does the work from home business opportunity help keep you free to build your business?
    6. Does the training system keep a distributor away from administrative tasks like building websites?
    7. Does the system allow you to do your own targeted advertising?
    8. Are you able to brand yourself?

      Yes, there are many work from home based opportunities online. However, to avoid years of failure and frustration and possibly quitting, these are important questions home based business opportunity seekers should ask before joining a home business. So, please take the time and do careful research before joining any opportunity. Learn to look through all the hype, smoke and mirrors, to discover what the real deal is! Thank you for rating this article!