Share Folders Free with Dropbox

A very useful tool I use, mainly for backing up online and sharing files within my own network , but it has the potential for much much more is Dropbox. Yes, there is an upgrade option, but you can use the free version very well. There is also an option to get more free storage space when someone you tell about Dropbox signs up.

So what does it do?  It lets you share your files and folders with others by sharing an existing folder on your PC or creating a new one to share. Once you add other members to the folder, it will appear in your friends or colleagues own Dropbox just as it does in yours. Any changes made to the shared folder’s contents will appear instantaneously to everyone who is a member of that folder. You can create a folder in your Dropbox folder just as you would anywhere else on your hard drive.Can you see the potential in this?

There are two ways to setup Dropbox, as a local application or online. The procedure is pretty much the same either way.

To add someone to a shared folder you just right-click on the folder, & select Dropbox from the drop-down menu, then select “Share this Folder”. You are presented with a screen where you enter the emails of those you want to share with and optionally a box where you can send them all a message inviting them to share or telling them you want to share with them.

When you share a folder, Dropbox will immediately send email invitations to the addresses you provided. These invitations tell the recipients that you’ve shared a folder with them and gives them a link to accept your invitation.

There are plenty of other ways to share files with people, but Dropbox is really handy and fast as all you have to do is drag a file to the shared folder. I mentioned backups before, but I’m sure you’ll think of plenty of other uses yourself, such as making files readily accessible if you’re travelling, as an alternative to emailing files, as a way to keep file versions in sync etc.

The number of files you can have in your dropbox is limited by the amount of storage you have, so if you expect to be a high end user, you’d need to upgrade. They say on their website that performance may start to decline when you store more than 100,000 files, so that gives you an idea of the capability of this tool.

How secure is your data? Dropbox uses the same secure methods as banks and the military, i.e. modern encryption methods to both transfer and store your data as they take the security of your files and of their software very seriously. Your files are backed-up, stored securely, and password-protected. Remember though that everything in your Public folder is, by definition, accessible to anyone but nobody can see your private files in Dropbox unless you deliberately invite them or put them in the Public folder.

Think this tool might be useful to you? Get more information on their website