Saving Downloads so you can Find Them

This is a tip for beginners only! (If you’ve been using PCs for a while you’ll have worked out a method that suits you already).

Have you ever downloaded a piece of software from the internet and couldn’t find it later? It happens to thousands of people all over the world every day! An easy way to find it later is to first prepare a landing zone or a place where you know you can always find it.

Some people use the My Documents of Windows but after downloading many files you may find it hard to find the latest file. One simple fix is to create a new folder on your desktop. If you’re not sure what I mean by  your desktop, it is the screen you see when you turn your computer and everything loads up and you see icons of folder &  files and you’re able to see your favorite picture as the wallpaper for your desktop.

To create the new folder is easy. First find an un-crowded portion of your desktop and then  click the right mouse button to bring up the context menu for the desktop. There in the menu you will find a selection called “New” Then Click on “Folder”.

This will create a new folder on your desktop. You can name it something that will help you find the downloaded files. The first time you create a new folder, you will notice that the folder naming text is highlighted, usually blue. To rename the folder to something more to your liking simply start typing and the highlighted text will be replaced with what you wish to type in.

If the name isn’t highlighted, simply left click the new folder to select it, then right click and choose “rename” from the drop-down menu. A good folder name would be “Downloads” or “My new files” or even the month and year which will make it much easier to find those files in the future.

Now once the folder is created simply remember when you download the next file to save it in that folder on your desktop for easy and fast access.

I also like to have different categories in my downloads folder, such as “purchases”, “free programs”, “free info”, “system software”, clients”, “family”, but you would use whatever is appropriate for the type of files you download or receive as email attachments.

If you download a lot of files, it’s a good idea to look at everything you have in that folder on a regular basis, say at the end of the month and save them to another folder, otherwise you can have so much in the “Downloads” folder it takes ages to find the one you want later. I personally use a system where at the end of the month, I create a new folder on my data drive and label it for the month just ended. I move all my downloads off the desktop folder to the folder on my data drive, then I back up the data drive.

Best wishes