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This page is a list of resources for seniors that readers have recommended, sometimes because they are involved with providing the service but other times just because the resource had been helpful either to them or a friend or family member. The links below are direct links to the resource, but you can often find a post explaining how or why the link appears in this list.

Elderly Care: A Guide for Families New to Caring

This guide offers plenty of valuable information:

• Getting started on finding care, understanding different and varied care options available, as well as costs and legal considerations when planning for elderly care.
• Home modifications and assistive technologies that can improve the daily living of elderly family members.
• Support networks and charities that offer help and support for both people in need of elderly care and their families.
• Other helpful resources and tools to help family members begin to find the best possible care option for their elderly.

From Andrea Bradshaw, Justice Advocate at Nursing Home Abuse Justice

Nursing Home Abuse Justice is dedicated to supporting seniors in nursing homes by educating seniors and their loved ones who may be victims of the widespread abuse and neglect found in many nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Aging at Home: Common Problems and Solutions

As we get older, many of our homes no longer work as well for us. But most of us want to remain in the homes we love.

Fortunately, there are many solutions. There are trained experts in home modification all over the country. There are also new tools to address the specific issues of aging.

16 Smart Home Assistant Devices For Senior Safety

This guide walks through the benefits of smart home technology as well as the best devices to have installed to make life easier and safer for seniors.

8 Burglary Deterrents to Protect Yourself from Burglars

If crime prevention is at the top of your to-do list, you’re not alone. By deterring burglars, you’re ensuring you don’t have to live through the sense of violation and the financial losses a theft can cause. Getting started is easier than you might think.

Looking for an adjustable bed?

Best Adjustable Beds Brands Buyers Guide

Report compiled by US Consumer Affairs Research Team & gives good information on types of beds, suitability, surfaces, features of motors, controls, warranty and aesthetics to help you not be taken advantage of during your search. This is followed by reviews of many brands of beds.

Sleep and Aging: Sleep Guide for Seniors

Understand common sleep problems seniors face and how to treat them

Your sleep is critical to your well-being, and any issues you experience should be acknowledged and treated. Take action to learn how to recognize common sleep problems you may experience as you age and the best methods for treatment.

Aging and Eyesight


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 12 million people 40 years and over in the US have vision impairment. 1 million are blind, 3 million have vision impairment after correction, and 8 million have vision impairment due to uncorrected refractive error. Many changes take place in our eyes as we get older. Common conditions due to age include, presbyopia, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration.

Vision Center is an informational web guide created for those seeking vision related information and other vision correction options. All content published on Vision Center is researched, written, and edited by licensed optometrists, experienced journalists, and other medical writers in the industry. All pages on our website are fact-based and sourced from recent scientific research, scholarly articles, textbooks, government agencies, and medical journals. Their website does not host any form of advertisement.

Dental Care Basics for Seniors (65+)

happy tooth

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 85 percent of older adults suffer from oral disease and 55 percent suffer from conditions that develop into periodontal disease. If left untreated, many of these conditions often result in tooth loss.

New Mouth was created to keep the public educated about current dental care practices, oral health basics, and how to find the best treatment possible. Our team of medical writers and dentists provide the most up-to-date dental information in every aspect of dentistry. Their goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all of your dental and oral health needs!

Home Insulation Guide for the Elderly


This guide from Building Materials offers lots of helpful information such as:

  • Practical tips and advice to help the elderly prepare for winter and stay healthy and warm during cold weather.
  • A guide to improving the warmth and energy efficiency of seniors’ homes, including tips and FAQs on wall, loft, and roof insulation.
  • Information about energy grants, winter assistance programs, and other cold-weather benefits that the elderly are eligible for.
  • Other useful tips such as how to save money on energy bills and links to other useful tools and winter resources.


Best Home Improvement Loans for 2019


Resource for US homeowners – an outline the best personal loan options for home improvements, including information on each lender such as their rates, loan amounts, and eligibility requirements. Also included is basic information on home improvements including when they should be considered, alternative financing options that are available, the typical home improvement loan rates, and more.

From Elmer George of, who says:
“As a senior who recently purchased a home and made significant modifications to it, I can’t tell you how much people like me (people of all ages, really) appreciate having easy access to info about buying and maintaining a home.” so here are his list of recommended links.


Should You Own or Rent a Home in Retirement?

Saving for a Home Post-Bankruptcy: A Three-Step Guide for Families

7 Home Improvement & Remodeling Ideas That Increase Home Value (And What To Avoid)

How to Deter Burglars: Keeping Potential Robbers Away From Your Home

Everything You Need to Know About Making Your Deck Accessible For All

cThe deck is a very important part of a modern house, previously people used to focus more on the verandas. However, a deck can prove to be a nuisance for the differently-abled people when it’s not built by keeping their needs in mind. An accessible deck is the one that is available to everyone, no matter the level of their body’s functionality and mobility. Read more on making your deck accessible here:

2018 Smart Home Technology for Seniors

Recently published is a guide about technology that helps seniors live on their own more independently. This guide is easily accessible, compatible with screen reader technology, and equipped with larger font making it very reader friendly. The optimized guide also lists all the latest and greatest technology for seniors who wish to age in place.

Financial Help for Single Mothers

Although this may not be applicable to seniors directly, many of us have daughters or grandaughters who become single mothers – this site has links to many resources, including grants and financial support (available in 50 States of the US).



Beware of Scams 


How to Identify and Avoid Scams Targeting Senior Citizens and the Elderly

Scammers will use any means to extort money from those they deem to be the most vulnerable. Often, they target senior citizens. Many seniors are targeted on a daily basis by predatory scammers and con-artists looking to take advantage of them, and keeping your elderly loved ones informed has never been so crucial.

If you’re worried that you or a loved one is being targeted, this guide will help you learn about common scamming methods, how to avoid becoming the target of a scam, how to recognize signs that someone is being affected by a scam, and what to do when you’ve discovered that a scam has taken place.

Here are some other similar resources:

Protecting Seniors from Online Scams – link sent by Gary Bell, Community Outreach Manager for  AT&T Preferred Dealer,

From the National Council on Ageing

Seniors Against Scams education curriculum:

On Aging In Place:


Protecting Seniors from Online Scams

Although people of all ages are at risk, statistics show that when it comes to online safety, seniors are more vulnerable. In fact, according to the Department of Homeland Security, “seniors are defrauded at twice the rate of the rest of the population.” Yes, there are swindlers out there — based in another country or maybe even in your neighborhood — who want to steal from you or your loved ones. But there are also reliable ways to spot a scam and steer clear of fraud. Here, we explain common scam types and show you how to safeguard your valuables, savings and online information. 

The Ultimate Online Safety Guide for Senior Citizens

Online safety has become of paramount importance especially during this pandemic the world is going through.

The most vulnerable are becoming targets of cyber-attacks and scams that could end up being extremely costly to them.

Here is a guide that helps senior citizens of the world protect themselves online. 

Senior Citizen Internet Security Resources

Grandma-ScammedStephen Mash recently published an article that details the various dangers that seniors face on the internet. There are a ton of scams, phishing attempts, viruses, malware and more that senior citizens are unfortunately the main target for, so he wanted to create something to help them and their family members stay educated and help them avoid becoming a victim.

In addition to listing many different types of scams, how to spot them and how seniors can protect themselves, the article also features a section towards the end with links to organizations where scams can be reported, or which seniors can reach out to if they need help with any of these issues. 

Lottery Scams
A lottery scam is an attempt to fraudulently extract money from someone by pretending to be a legitimate lottery company or winning player. It has sadly become a too common method of deception as such scams prey on people’s desire to win money and the popularity of big lottery games. Find out how to identify the most common types of scam and how to avoid them.

Learn Something New

Using the Internet for Seniors – Beginner’s Guide


Hobbies for Seniors and Retirees on a Budget

This guide covers different hobbies for seniors from scratch book ideas to virtual social societies catered specifically for them. Click to see the guide:
Udemy - Build the life you imagine through online learning
Free Online Computer Classes
GCF wide range of Tutorials
Free Computer Tutorials

And Have Some Fun While Learning