This page lists many of the resources I use or have used and also others that my mentors recommend.

Selling on eBay

The 90 Day Powerseller Challenge . This is written by John Thornhill, a very experienced eBay seller and full-time internet marketer, so he knows what he is talking about. John has created countless information products that have helped thousands of ordinary people to build their own successful online business. You can get “eBay Powereseller Secrets” for free from this site.

John’s eBay ID is planetsms and it’s well worth taking a look at his eBay store and investing in some of his products, especially Auction Profit Streams, if you are interested in building a business selling on eBay.

The Powerseller Diaries by Daniel Summer – A completely true and unbiased test of the 90 Day Powereseller Challenger. What you will learn in these diaries:

  • Proven Methods, that will earn you money from selling e-Books
  • A full diary of achievements, which you can learn from and use in your own business ventures.
  • The ways you can use eBay tools to help increase your revenue
  • Using external sources for easy profits
  • How you can collect email addresses to build your subscriber lists

Creating Our Own Information Product

Online Home Business Success is a complete guide that tells you all the steps to get your own home internet business up and running and making you money for years to come.

Operation eBook by Paula Brett – Paula takes you step by step through the product creation process.

SalesletterABC by Randy Smith To sell any product online you need a good sales page and Randy provides a ten step template to follow where you can copy & paste in your own details, highlighted with steps 1 to 10 so you know exactly where to place your elements of copy. Randy also explains what and why certain elements convert to sales the best.

Selling Private Label Rights (PLR)

Resale Rights Blueprint – Another product from John Thornhill telling you how to build a resale rights business in 7 days.

The Resale Rights Process An easy-to-follow process showing you how to instantly start your own highly profitable online business

Sourcing Resell & Private Label Rights Products

More MonthlyPlus is a low cost monthly membership site that is an excellent source of  high quality resell rights and private label rights products as well as some that you can give away to your customers and friends. It is very easy to select and download the packages that interest you. This site is run by Randy Smith and I highly recommend it, not just for its content but because of the excellent customer service. When I joined recently, I experienced a few problems accessing the forum, but emails to Randy resulted in very quick fixes.

PLR Monthly membership, from Daniel Summer & Dave Nicholson, will give you a new mini-site website every month with everything you need to set up a niche business – you get an eBook to sell as well as a bonus eBook to give away, graphics, 25 articles on the topic and a sales page. It’s all ready for you to put up and send people to.

From PLR Wholesaler (Gabor Olah) you can get free lifetime access to an ever-growing database of top quality private label rights. There is an upgrade option for further benefits.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you advertise and sell someone else’s product and they pay you a commission on each sale. Typically this commission is from 50% to 75% so this is a good ways to make money even if you don’t have a website.

Make money using your writing & other skills

There are numerous sites where you can register as a provider, build your profile and show off your skills. Other people who are looking to outsource work will post jobs that you can bid on. You submit proposals,  meet new clients online and if you deliver good work you’ll get paid for your efforts. The following is a list of the most common ones: (incorporates the old sites Getafreelancer & Scriptlance) (incorporates Odesk & Elance)  – I have used Fiverr both as a buyer & a seller & earned over $1,000 in about 18 months a couple of years ago.

Searching for more? No promises whether these are all still current, but try this link – 51-freelance-websites 


This is a bit different to most of the above that are nearly all computer type jobs. Airtasker is a trusted community platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work.

When I open the link, it sees that I’m in Australia & list jobs near my address.

This is a sample of jobs you could find:

house cleaning
find a nanny
render & paint letterbox
interior design & colour consultation
kitchen plans
install reversing camera….

Have a look at Airtasker if you have skills & time to do a bit of work.

Using a Blog to Create a Business

Build a Business NOT a Blog
FREE 130+ page case study that reveals step by step exactly what you need to know to build a profitable business not just a blog!


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