Quick Trip Across Australia

It’s always nice to see family so I’m really looking forward to the weekend as I’m heading for Port Hedland in the north west of Western Australia where my two daughters and three grandchildren live.

Although I can’t stay more than a few days, I feel the need to see them all, to laugh and have fun together with them and to catch up on what makes up their daily lives. The two boys tower over me now, even though I’m quite tall myself, and they enjoy teasing their ‘short’ grandmother. I remember feeling the same when I passed firstly all my grandparents and then my mother and father. I wonder whether each generation will keep getting taller and what dizzy heights some will reach before maybe the trend reverses again!

Anyone would think I was staying away for months instead of days by the size of my luggage. I have a suitcase packed full of ‘stuff’ to take over, lots of knick-knacks and family treasures that the girls may or may not like – perhaps I’ll have a full case on the way home, too!

Not that it matters, we all like different things and that’s what makes life so interesting, the differences in people, in appearance, customs & beliefs. I’m grateful to have so many friends and aquaintances from other cultures as it has helped me to see the ‘sameness’ in all of us rather than the differences.

Hoping you all have a happy weekend whether you are travelling far from or staying near home.

Best Wishes