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Using the Internet for Seniors – Beginner’s Guide
The internet offers a wealth of opportunity for staying in touch with family and friends; gathering helpful information, even paying bills and shopping from the comfort of your own home. If you have never used the internet before it can seem daunting but once you take small steps you will find it is much more accessible than you might first believe. earn more here: https://cheekymunkey.co.uk/using-the-internet-for-seniors-beginners-guide/
15 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV


While watching TV (or streaming some form of content) can be a lovely way to spend an evening, it can also be a default activity. You do not feel much sense of accomplishment outside of finishing a season of the show we are most recently binge-watching.
If you are reading this, you likely want to change that or find something new to break up your routine. There are plenty of options for all budgets and situations, and most of them take a few hours at most to get started! Click Here to See Them All:

Hobbies for Seniors and Retirees on a Budget
This guide covers different hobbies for seniors from scratch book ideas to virtual social societies catered specifically for them. Click to see the guide:
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