IMA – A Review of Internet Marketing Apprentice

Is this the site that has all you need?

Membership sites are still going strong this year and for good reason – a good membership site can have all the tools and resources you need to get your internet business up and running and making money. The only reason that often they don’t is that you go flitting from one site or ptoject to another (like I used to) and don’t get on and follow the suggestions, plans or programs that these excellent sites offer.

Mind you, they are not all excellent sites, but most are run by people who with integrity and who want to do all they can to get you making money and living the same lifestyle of freedom that they themselves have. SO how do you know if a particular membership site will be one of the good ones?

Here are a few pointers to help you decide:

  • Does the site just seem to be a product with a download area and an optin box for your email?
  • Is there a whole lot of hype and trumpet blowing and very little factual information about what is included?
  • Does the advertising tell you up front that the “free” offering is just a lead in and once you sign up, you’ll have to pay a fee, perhaps a monthly fee, to have any real benefit?

Now, don’t get me wrong  – there is nothing wrong with a membership site that has a monthly fee and offers great value for that fee – I belong to a few of them myself – but they have always been open and honest up front about the pricing structure, letting you decide beforehand whether this is for you.

So, here are some clues that a membership site you are considering is good value:

  • Are you offered something that you deem to be good value before you are even asked for any cash? Especially important for those who are in their early stages and don’t have much to spare yet.
  • What sort of training is on offer?
  • Is it at a level appropriate for your stage of learning? Some sites will only offer basic stuff, while others will bamboozle a beginner, maybe putting them off forever.
  • What other resources are provided? Can you get products to sell, resell, brand or rewrite & make your own?
  • Do they help you get traffic to your sites? After all, the best website ever won’t make any money if nobody sees it!

OK, enough of my views – I want to tell you about a new membership site started by a guy I’ve learned to trust, Randy Smith and his partner Craig Dawber. It’s called Internet Marketing Apprentice (or IMA for short) and it incorporates all the elements I’ve told you to look out for in a good membership site. You can get free coaching newsletters sent every 7 days and you don’t need to pay anything for that.


However, for those who are ready for more, there many aspects to the membership.

  • The Training:

The home page will gice you an idea of what is available, but if you take the trial for just $4.95 you’ll see the shear VOLUME of training videos and articles inside to take you onwards from your start up coaching by covering many aspects of internet marketing that nearly every type of making money from the internet is covered!

  • The Saving

Every month, members get the opportunity to download a minimum of 16 products that would normally cost on average, somewhere between two and $400, depending on the rights purchased with products.

So the savings for people like me, who are addicted to buying anything that might be useful at some point, especially videos

that show me how to do tasks I’m not familiar with, can seriously add up!

  • Increasing your own income aspect.

The vast majority of downloads that are added each month, come with rights.  Either master resale  rights or in many cases private label rights. The benefits to members from these can be immeasurable in terms of the number of offers they can then make to sell on these

products. Or even build massive lists by using some as giveaway items.

  • Free hosting included too!

That’s yet another area of saving by eliminating the need to buy it elsewhere – (and it’s real hosting with no ads or banners like some free hosting services!)

  • The members Discussion Forum

Within the membership there is a discussion forum.  This is a place where members genuinely help other members, not only in terms of advice, but also in the setting up of joint venture opportunities, advertising opportunities and member to member special offers and discounts. As well, you have any and all questions answered by the two founders of  the site who are successful marketers in ttheir own right.

  • All this is  covered with a 100% money back guarantee

Don’t Judge IMA by the ridiculouly low price!

I sincerely believe this is one of those few sites that represents excellent value within the IM community, and I hope this post proves to have been worth your time reading it. Personally, I’ve joined, whether you do or not is totally up to you.

To investigate further, visit Internet Marketing Apprentice and should you decide to lock in the price currently on offer, I look forward to seeing you in the discussion forum.