I recently downloaded a free copy of Laughingbird Software's "The Logo Creator" and have already become a huge fan. It can be used for more than just logos because you can create the page to be almost any size you want.

Get Your Copy Free Now!

Go to https://www.facebook.com/Laughingbird.Software and "Like" the page. After that you should be able to see the app for the Free Software – see area highlighted in yellow in the image below.

The software is simple to use anf has many features not found on some expensive programs.

When you open a new logo, the default window size is 560×420 but you can drag any corner or side to make the size you want.

The new window opens with an Element Setter for Text or Images. Clicking "text" opens a box for you to type in and then you click the "Add New Text" button to add it to the page. To edit, click on the text in the logo and in the element setter, edit the text.

Text formatting is done from the buttons in the separate Text Menu and the buttons are Format, Color, Shadow, Blur, Outline and "More text effects…" Inside each of these areas are more options such as rotatable text, gradient colors, 3D, mirror and many more.

Choosing Images from the Element Setter brings up some fancy letters and a menu for more logo objects including banners & star, glass objects, arrows, orbs, swishes etc.

Instead of starting with your own design from scratch, you can load an existing logo from one of the two included Logo Libraries, make your own changes and then save it as a new template for later use or modification.

Go to https://www.facebook.com/Laughingbird.Software and "Like" the page to get yourself a copy now!

The example below was made fairly quickly, using a ready made logo, but inserted my own graphic and changed the text and fonts just to give you an idea. Your creations can be exported in a wide variety of graphic formats and various sizes, making it particularly useful for larger projects like book covers or web pages..

Seniors blog logo

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