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World Internet Summit Melbourne 2009

Last Friday I heard about the World Internet Summit, which was being held in Melbourne for the three days, Sep 11th to 13th & I suddenly decided I would attend. I believe this is one of the best decisions I have ever made as the event can only be described as an internet marketers’ dream.

        Some of the speakers in Melbourne

There were no less than eleven internationally acclaimed and very, very successful internet entrepreneurs talking to us, all willingly sharing some of their best techniques and giving us tantalizing insights into what we could learn if we could become a student or protégé.

                    More of the speakers at the internet summit

It was a great opportunity to meet with other like minded folk, to discuss all the different areas of internet marketing that we have chosen and also to get new ideas, as these were generously exchanged.

                Some of the attendees and speakers

That’s me in the bottom left hand corner with Steven Essa. The fellow in the centre is Brett McFall, who along with Tom Hua, puts on this event several times every year in different countries. I was able to get a few words with Brett on the last day. (Click on the speaker icon if you can’t hear the audio).

Best wishes