There has been an update to the extremely popular Free Monthly Websites that John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson launched in 2006. Since then over 37,000 people joined the program, not just to get the free niche website each month, but also to use the informational materials provided to learn how to use the free site to earn income. Not just with these sites, but relating to making money with internet marketing generally. Free Monthly Websites 2.0 gives you a professionally produced website every …
… things that could have been improved. Your readers will appreciate your honesty and be more likely to trust your recommendation. 2. The Quick Tip Post In between your longer posts you can do a “quick tips” type of post; these are approx 150-250 words.We may have a lot of information about our niche that we want to share but it may not rate a full length post. In that case, post a quick tip. Focus on ONE key area of the niche. For example, “How to connect a new monitor” …
… experience with anything from a purchased program to how to get the baby to sleep to meet people in a special niche or just people generally to keep up with news, opinion and happenings in your field to get news of updates to programs you run to get general news, like from CNN because there’s buzz about it to keep people in your personal life updated to build business contacts Thanks to Twitter I’ve been able to learn from, get to know better and have online conversations …
… all the marketing tools such as a web sales page, promotional emails, articles, press releases etc are provided by the publisher. Your main costs will be in the promotion of the product or service. All costs associated with the product, sales page, delivery, after sales services, as well as merchant services set up and costs, will be paid by the merchant providing the product. When starting your Internet Business through affiliate marketing there are five steps to follow: Find your niche


Free Monthly Websites

Every month John & Dave give away a free website you can use to start your online business. They have all the help you need to get started right there on the site for free.

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