… Settings * Click Control Panel * Double-click Add/Remove Programs * Click the Add/Remove Window Components * Uncheck the Indexing services * Click Next 4. Optimize Display Settings Windows XP has a nice visual appearance but it costs you system resources that are used to display all the visual items and effects. To customize your settings, right click My Computer, select Properties and then the Advanced tab and under Performance, click Settings. Windows looks fine if you disable most of the …
… busy lives, it is easy to get caught up in just doing what comes up and we feel we don’t have time to sit down and plan anything. This is a reminder that if we plan, we achieve more. Plan and take action Make a list then mark the items in order of importance Focus on one thing at a time. Start with the most important/urgent thing on your list, complete it and cross it off Continue working down the list, completing & crossing off – feels good, …


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