With the popularity of facebook with its “Like” & “send” functions and Twitters “Tweets”, it was only a matter of time before Google jumped on the bandwagon.

Google’s +1 button works pretty much the same as the “Like” & “Tweet” buttons that are now so familiar and the good news is that with wordpress plugins now available for it, installing Google’s +1 button is so very very easy. There are several configurations to choose from to fit the style of your pages.

Rather than going through it all with you, follow the links below to Gail Bottomley’s blog; Gail has a lot of info about it (and other things!) in the first link; the second link takes you directly to an excellent video showing you exactly what to do to install it.

http://go2my.ws/t/GPBlog.html www.gailbottomleyonline.com/google-plus-1-button


Thanks Gail!


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