Compass Icon I’ve just read an excellent post on the blog and wanted to share it:

Logo Design: The Balance of Font, Shape and Color

 See it here

“Define clearly the focus of your own business (or your clients).
When designing a logo there are a few key questions that you need to answer:

What is the business all about?
Is it a business that needs to convey a message of trust?
Is it more of a friendly and playful company?
What products and services does the business offer?
What is the target audience?

Once you can answer those questions and you have reviewed the logos of your competition it’s time to think about designing.

With this level of research, planning and visualizing, you can get to the point that you actually know what your logo should look like.

The balance of everything……”

Angry ChickenHere there is more detail on Shape, Font, Color and more – see the full post. Here’s the link again:

So what sort of business would we want an angry chicken logo for????

Well. I don’t know either, but he/she was just so striking, I just had to put the pic somewhere in the post!!

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