Many people, when creating their website, don't think about the importance a logo can play.

Your site's logo is sort of like your business card. When people see it, the design makes an immediate impression in their mind, for good or for bad. Want to make sure it makes a good impression? Follow these easy steps!

1. Begin with a simple black and white design.

You don't have to finish with a black and white design, but you want to start with one. Think of this as the pencil sketch for what will become a great painting. Even the great artists start out with a rough sketch of what the finished product will look like. With a black and white design, it doesn't matter if you have the latest graphic editing software, or a more outdated version. Using black and white as a starting point, you can create a clean design from which to start.

2. Fonts are great, but don't go overboard.

There are a lot of great fonts out there and you might be tempted to put a few of your favorites in your logo. Don't! You never want to use more than two fonts in your logo. Any more than this and you risk having your logo go from neat and professional to amateurish. Professional graphic designers will tell you that too many fonts can be off-putting to a site visitor. Coco Chanel once advised fashion-conscious women to take off the last accessory they put on, in order to avoid looking like they were drowning underneath their accessories. Don't let your logo drown in unnecessary fonts!

3. Make sure your logo looks good in any scale.

One common mistake people make when designing logos is by designing logos meant to be viewed in only one scale. Remember, you may want to reuse your logo later on in either a higher resolution or lower resolution. Design your original logo in a high resolution and test it out in different scales. How does it look when you scale it down?

4. Avoid overly elaborate fonts. 

Avoid overly elaborate fonts

Avoid overly elaborate fonts

Sure, that fancy font with all the bells and whistles looks interesting, but is it readable? There is a reason that the simple fonts are the most commonly used. If your reader cannot read your logo, you might as well not have one. Make sure the font you use can be read by more people than just yourself.

5.Try your logo on more than one background.

You never know where your logo might end up. For right now, it might look great against the white backdrop of your site, but what about when it is on an affiliate page? An advertisement? Does it look great against both dark and light backgrounds? Vibrant backgrounds? Dull ones?


6. Look at your logo from different angles.

People don't think about the impression their logo might make when turned upside-down or sideways. A logo that looks fantastic when turned the correct direction might look different when turned upside down. Your logo might only be on your website right now, but what if it is placed on a product or book later? Avoid unintentional disaster by making sure your logo looks great when viewed from all directions.


7. Get a second opinion.

Second opinions aren't just for medicine. You love your logo. Great! What about other people? Don't be afraid to ask for criticism. Make sure to ask for second opinions from people who are going to give you their honest opinion. Everyone wants to hear from other people how great their work is, but is it more important to have a bunch of people who tell you how great your work is because they think it is what you want to hear, or because your work really is great?

8. Tie it all together.

Your logo isn't complete until all the individual parts of the logo work together. Do the fonts and the graphics work together? Does everything flow well together? The components of a well-designed logo should work with each other and not against each other.

Remember to take your time with your logo design. Great logos look like they took time and thought to put together, so make sure you put time and thought into your design! And don't be afraid to deviate from your original design. Your original thoughts and designs may not be the best final choice, so don't be unwilling to adapt. By following these easy tips, you are sure to create a design you will be eager to show off!

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