Canvakala is a new plugin that is getting rave reviews

The recently released plugin (special launch price $17) aims to give word-press users a replacement for the inadequate image handling that is built-in. Some people claimed it had the power of photoshop while being a lot easier to use, so I thought that I would try out.


Here’s the link if you want to check it out (this is a direct link not one that would earn me a commission)



Find Royalty-free Images 

Easily Find images from sites like pixabay, flickr, openclipart & instagram, ALL from your WP dashboard!
YES, it did that but you have to have active accounts at Flickr & Pixabay first, so be prepared to upload some photos there first if you don’t have active accounts there already (at Pixabay at least)


Manage & Edit Images EASILY 

Once you’ve picked an image you can resize/crop to any size you want or to built-in size suggestion like for FB ads, cover etc.

Yes, this feature is excellent

Choose from 20 Automatic Special Effects also apply Instagram like filters to your image

Make your image UNIQUES and STANDOUT with some WOW effects!  – 


Lots of effects but of limited use in my opinion


Insert Your Image Easily To Your Blog Post or Download it for other purposes!

After you finish designing or editing your image you can easily use it for whatever you want!

Yes, that can be done easily too.


Adds a Full Photoshop like Editor to your site –

Well, it does add some features found in photoshop but the plugin is not designed to replace photoshop any more that a Mini would replace a Rolls, but they both will get you from one place to another in their own way.

Some of the features advertised are only available in the Pro version (OTO1 – $27 at time of launch)> If you have a lot of WordPress sites, want to have more choice that people who only bought the regular edition or if price is not an issue for you, then the pro edition gives you a heap more choices.


I’ve only tried it on two sites so far – but does the editor does not open to search for images on the other site. I’ll be sending a support ticket to see if there are any known incompatibilities with other plugins or themes.

Would I recommend it? Yes if your time is more valuable than the cost. It certainly made the finding & posting of the image above very easy, but I have many sources for graphics asn other good programs to edit them, so did not buy the upgrade (was very tempted though – I am one of those impulse buyers sellers love!)


Best wishes



I have a special free gift for you today, 20 professional full HD background videos and you can grab them here…


These background videos are perfect for giving your videos that extra kick they need to stand out from the crowd –  -..
Oh yeah they are in full 1080p HD too, I hope you’ll enjoy them. Here’s the link again: ..
To your success,
Trish Findlay


Compass Icon I’ve just read an excellent post on the blog and wanted to share it:

Logo Design: The Balance of Font, Shape and Color

 See it here

“Define clearly the focus of your own business (or your clients).
When designing a logo there are a few key questions that you need to answer:

What is the business all about?
Is it a business that needs to convey a message of trust?
Is it more of a friendly and playful company?
What products and services does the business offer?
What is the target audience?

Once you can answer those questions and you have reviewed the logos of your competition it’s time to think about designing.

With this level of research, planning and visualizing, you can get to the point that you actually know what your logo should look like.

The balance of everything……”

Angry ChickenHere there is more detail on Shape, Font, Color and more – see the full post. Here’s the link again:

So what sort of business would we want an angry chicken logo for????

Well. I don’t know either, but he/she was just so striking, I just had to put the pic somewhere in the post!!

Do you spend too much money getting product graphics done for you?

 Would you rather spend that money on other resources or family needs?….

My favorite Graphics Creation product is The Logo Creator – it makes logos, banners, headers, Facebook cover pictures and profile images and almost any other graphic you need because the size is so easy to change.

Black Square 300x250

The program is inexpensive and comes with lots of elements to get you started but if you want to be really creative, there are several add-on packs or you can upload your own images.

The Log Creator Character Pack1

Here’s an example I made in a few minutes about the Characters Pack – made just by mixing and matching   elements and changing colors. Eye catching, isn’t it?
If you want to create attention grabbing graphics yourself without having to use photoshop, why not check out The Logo Creator for yourself now?

Licensing fees for Getty Images are typically expensive, but now you can embed pictures from Getty for free on your website. The images carry no watermark, there are no view limits and you are free to use any number of images. It works something like YouTube, in that you can embed an image from their site using just a line of code. In the future the images may carry advertising, but for now they don’t, so enjoy!



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