Yes, you read that right – this Video software that will help you drive plenty of traffic to your website, blog, social media pages or ads, to YouTube… is FREE yes, totally free.

HydravidXRAY Free Video Software..

If you’re in a hurry, check it out here:


And don’t think it’s not free because it’s cheap and nasty because it isn’t.  It’s actually a very high quality product and I use it myself – this is free because the creators are wanting to help people get traffic to their sites and offers...


Let’s face it, we were all told it was easy to do this interent martketing thing, right? NOT TRUE – some parts of the process might be easy for some people and other parts of it might be easy for others, but getting enough quality traffic to help with rankings and make sales is NOT EASY AT ALL!YouTube Marketing Blunders This free software will help with that.

PLUS Free Marketing report

And as an added bonus, if you pick up the free software from one of the links in the email, you’ll get as an added bonus a free report called YouTube Marketing Blunders. It’s not a longwinded report, but it contains a lot of useful information about how to make better use of YouTube and other video platforms in your marketing.

Here’s the link again

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Zapable claims their system will build a mobile app in less than 60 seconds!

Even if you haven’t any coding knowledge and no prior experience with building applications, you’ll be able to use this program.

It’s “Drag n Drop” simple but will have you producing incredible apps within minutes.

You can completely customize & change the way your app looks, changing icons, color schemes & designs. If you do not like any of the ready-made color schemes available, you can put together your own. As you make the changes on the drag & drop application editing interface, you’ll see a preview of the application updated in real-time.

Once you have the app the way you want it, you can immediately submit it to Google Play, Amazon and iTunes stores for approval. These costs vary from $25 per app on Google to $99 for iTunes, so that cost needs to be factored into your calculations when budgeting.

Watch the free explanatory videos here:

Zapable banner2

Compass Icon I’ve just read an excellent post on the blog and wanted to share it:

Logo Design: The Balance of Font, Shape and Color

 See it here

“Define clearly the focus of your own business (or your clients).
When designing a logo there are a few key questions that you need to answer:

What is the business all about?
Is it a business that needs to convey a message of trust?
Is it more of a friendly and playful company?
What products and services does the business offer?
What is the target audience?

Once you can answer those questions and you have reviewed the logos of your competition it’s time to think about designing.

With this level of research, planning and visualizing, you can get to the point that you actually know what your logo should look like.

The balance of everything……”

Angry ChickenHere there is more detail on Shape, Font, Color and more – see the full post. Here’s the link again:

So what sort of business would we want an angry chicken logo for????

Well. I don’t know either, but he/she was just so striking, I just had to put the pic somewhere in the post!!


Hot Hut Stuff Wine Saver Vacuum PumpI have been very quiet on this blog for a while because I’ve been concentrating on getting a new business up and running with my daughter, an Amazon business where we source products from China (or elsewhere) and sell on


Yes we bought a course (ASM) so we could follow instructions and at least have a fair idea of how to go about it. For our first product we found a vacuum seal specialist manufacturer in China and ordered our wine saver vacuum pump and stoppers sets from them.


If you are a wine drinker (who doesn’t finish the whole bottle in one sitting) then you’ll know that wine left in bottle that has air in it goes off and tastes sour and horrible. The solution is to use stoppers that will seal tightly around the bottle neck and a vacuum pump attached to the stoppers draws all the air out, creating a vacuum in the bottle. This is the way we have preserved food for centuries after all, so we know it works.


Our Hot Hut Stuff pump has been tested to keep the wine fresh longer than 14 days, in some cases is to 30 days but that is not guaranteed. To see our pump and how to use it, have a look at the YouTube video below or check out our new website at where we have the same video running as well as other features of the product such as the fate ring indicator on the top where you can set the day you sealed the bottle and know how many days it has been sealed.


Finally the product has been made, shipped, through US cutoms, inspected and listed in Amazon and ready for sale herep


Update May 2015 – We are also selling in Australia now, both on and from our this link on our Wine Pump website



Do you spend too much money getting product graphics done for you?

 Would you rather spend that money on other resources or family needs?….

My favorite Graphics Creation product is The Logo Creator – it makes logos, banners, headers, Facebook cover pictures and profile images and almost any other graphic you need because the size is so easy to change.

Black Square 300x250

The program is inexpensive and comes with lots of elements to get you started but if you want to be really creative, there are several add-on packs or you can upload your own images.

The Log Creator Character Pack1

Here’s an example I made in a few minutes about the Characters Pack – made just by mixing and matching   elements and changing colors. Eye catching, isn’t it?
If you want to create attention grabbing graphics yourself without having to use photoshop, why not check out The Logo Creator for yourself now?


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